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A funky, functional accessory to cheer on your team. A unique compliment to any wardrobe.

Your team colours on one side and warm coordination fleece on the other side.

Some of these items can be made using your own team colours, numbers and other details!
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At SOCK-cessories we are very 'Canadian conscious'. All the hockey socks we use, all the skate laces we use, all the jersey numbers that are applied are Canadian made. We will not compromise our proud "Made in Canada" label.

All of our zippered bags are reinforced and framed with twill then framed with a looped skate lace to allow even the largest hand to manipulate it with ease.

All of our knitted products are made from the same tried, true, durable fabric that hockey players beat up everyday on the ice.

All our bags are lined with the same durable, washable fabric that hockey jerseys are constructed from.

All our bags sport a lobster-claw key clip so you will always be able to find your keys at a moments notice.

All our products are a part of us before they become one of your loved accessories. We make them by hand and stitch TLC into the seams.

In order to make each SOCK-cessories product unique, lining fabrics, fleece and designer panels may vary slightly from what is photographed. Each product is hand made.